The Legacy of Shop People

Shop People LLC was established in 2005 as the first members based makerspace in the Portland. Over the years, there have been almost five hundred members who have honed their crafts, skills and relationships within these old walls.  Many were hobbyist, who became artists, who become business people and then grew to larger facilities.  Some just liked to tinker DIY style and learn from experts.  Regardless of their goal, all appreciated the low overhead, managed tools and space as well as community.

The Build out of the Garage

In May 2016, as Shop People was being dissolved, the brand, equipment and facility were taken over by Global Homestead LLC.  Although Shop People's model is foundational, we saw an opportunity to create a space that was more versatile, offered more education and greatly expanded membership offerings.  This kicked off a two year bootstrapped remodeling and rebuilding initiative with help from members and the greater community.

Growing the Global Homestead Community Garage

Now that most of the build out has taken place, we're looking forward to growing and sharing our knowledge, resources, initiatives, food and community.  So if you're an advocate, DIY'r, hobbyist or small business concerned about your bottom line, we have you covered.

Since our focus has been the building and your workspace, we've been behind on our website and marketing.  Please explore our offerings, call with questions and know that we will be adding new information regularly.

The Garage Mission

Provide Community members a platform to grow big ideas using shared resources

The Garage Vision:

Develop Community owned facilities to promote and celebrate independent lifestyles

Our Core Values Include:

- Respect for Each Other and Things
- Set a Positive Precedent
- Keep it Safe
- Keep it Clean
- Asking is Appreciated