We're excited to provide members a new platform of exposure.  We have the space to double our membership numbers and now have a limited access Community membership category.  We will be populating information from more members over the next couple weeks in order to better reflect the twenty five members which keep the Garage running. 
Picture of Philip Krain: Garage Steward

Philip Krain: Garage Steward

My job as the Garage Steward is to help members and the community enjoy working and meeting at the space. The list and range of responsibilities is endless. Most times, I'm fixing up the building, working on our tools or supporting members. When given the opportunity, I love to do marketing and coordinate events that would be enjoyed by those in the community. If you have a question, just ask!

Picture of Amos Clapp:

Amos Clapp:

The Market Mule

Amos is a full time fabricator that is always creating, fixing or building something. His Market Mule, wooden bike panniers are as Portland, as it gets. Maybe it's time you checked out their video and got yourself a set.

Picture of Michael Flores

Michael Flores

Michael enjoys the challenge of precision fabrication. He single handedly enhance the accuracy of each individual's accomplishments with our assembly table and reference equipment. His series of walnut rocking chairs were assembled using only joinery and were easily worth the thousands of dollars commissioned for each one.

Picture of John Henry Souza Woodworking

John Henry Souza Woodworking

Custom woodwork that meets your needs, built to last a lifetime. Working out of Portland, OR I enjoy using local and high quality materials. Contact for quotes, questions and estimated delivery date. "I will be there... and I will be square"

Picture of Mark Tydeman

Mark Tydeman

Live Edge Slab Tables

Mark creates furniture art from salvage and harvested live edge slabs, trunks, round cuts and branches. No part of the tree is wasted through his detailed and creative process. His current inventory includes redwood slabs, some with rings showing hundreds of years old. His pieces range from $400 to $5,000.

Picture of Jack Bartholomew Marso

Jack Bartholomew Marso

Garage Comedy Open Mic Night MC and Jack of All Things

Jack isn't just funny. He's comedian funny, which is why he's hosts a regular Comedy Open Mic Night at The Garage. If you've got some quips or want to hear some of the local talent, stop on by. btw. He's also a multi-medium artist that knows how to collaborate, design, fabricate, fix or facilitate just about anything one can throw at him.

Picture of Kurt Chambers:

Kurt Chambers:

Cascade Guitar Cabinets

Cascade Guitar Cabinets combines 30 years of cabinet building and a love of music to bring you the best possible speaker. It's the most unique looking and best sounding 1x12 on the market. We're happy to customize your cabinet to suit your style whether it's home, studio or on stage. More importantly these cabs sound like nothing you have heard before. Built out of a uniquely coated, void-free Birch plywood, nothing sticks to it...not even sound. So your killer tones project better than ever.

Picture of Andrew Auch:

Andrew Auch:

Root Down Woodworking

Andrew began working in the trades back in 1999. Apprenticing under Robert Auch a local designer and builder of high end custom homes. Working on small remodels to ground up large residential jobs Andrew has a knowledge and understanding of what goes into creating quality and craftsmanship that will withstand the test of time.

Picture of Cristian Cante Woodworks

Cristian Cante Woodworks

Independent general contractor and cabinet maker

Picture of Samantha Bechtel:

Samantha Bechtel:

Artist, Events Manager, Social Media Party Coordinator

Sam is a maker of many things, including our First Friday events. This includes booking bands, artists as well as social media and personal promotions. She is also the co-director of Hedron Education and an employee of OMSI. Her offtime is spent working on a line of nature based designs rooted in organic mandala energies. These designs are transferred to t-shirts, cards, custom tables and other mediums through printing and laser cutting.

Picture of Chuck McConnell:

Chuck McConnell:

Member, Advisor, Storyteller and Fiddle Player

Chuck has been a standing member of the community since 2014. His background includes director's roles at NPR, service in the Peace Corps and years of volunteering to assist a variety of causes. He currently volunteers his time at OMSI as well as mediating in the courts. On his off hours, Chuck is active in the story telling community and plays the fiddle and jug every chance he gets.

Picture of Alex J. Anderson:

Alex J. Anderson:

Jackalope Wood Workshop

https://www.jackalopeworkshop.com/ He likes to make stuff, sometimes it's all he think about...

Picture of Jon Kuniholm:

Jon Kuniholm:

Founder of the Open Prosthetics Project

https://openprosthetics.org/ Open Prosthetics (OP) is a web-based education and collaboration initiative of the Shared Design Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. We are dedicated to facilitating crowd-sourced curation of information and collaboration in the field of prosthetics and coping with missing body parts in general. OP was created and has been maintained with the hope of producing useful innovations, and of creating an environment conducive to the creation of such innovations: the "adjacent possible"

Picture of Dale Friesenhahn

Dale Friesenhahn

Timber Tantrums

Dale is an accomplished individual. His background includes high end workmanship as a general contractor, plumber, carpenter, craftsman, musician and artist. Timber Tantrums uses reclaimed wood to create unique, grounded, heirloom furniture with a touch of modern simplicity.