Full Packages

These packages are for those who want a turnkey service leveraging the resources, experience and facility of the Garage.  Once in our space, the young at heart can’t help but explore, build and create.  We’re kinda like OMSI, but more hands on, more flexibility and ever changing playthings.  Best of all, all attendees get to walk away with a one of a kind piece of artwork!

Please contact us with questions or feedback, as we’d love to hear from you.

  • 2 hours of access within the space
  • 1 hands on staff member*
  • Projects materials provided
  • Project and tool orientation
  • Each attendee leaves with personal art project
  • Food and drinks welcome


Full package pricing

Full Package Pricing $200
  • Up to 8 attendees
  • Additional attendees extra

Package Additional Options

Special project materials TBD

Depending upon attendee preference, certain projects may have additional costs. This includes items such as lamp making ($6) and use of vintage speciality hardware (TBD) in creation of boards, etc...

Extra Hour $40

Additional time must be scheduled in advance, as other events and/or staff time may be in conflict

Custom Designed Package Hourly Rate $25

First hour of exploration is free. Fees include correspondence, material selection, material pricing, transportation time and pre-party preparation.

Additional Staff Member per Hour $25

Additional staff member necessary for youth parties over eight children without two hands-on parents.

Additional Attendee $25
Includes everything above as well as:
  • 24/7 facility access
  • Kitchenette Access
  • Eligible for space
  • Eligible for business areas and services
  • Limited parking