Community Room Creative Spaces

If you're a creative and enjoy being around others, the community room provides a great opportunity.  In addition to its traditional features, we give you the opportunity to expose others to your craft.  As a mixed space with occasional events, we can provide warm leads to new business and relationships.  If you'd like to connect, we'd love to connect you. 

Creative Member Features

  • Community work space (~1,000 sq ft)
  • Shipping area (scales, storage, etc...)
  • Product photo studio (backdrops and can lights)

The Community Room Venue

 From intimate to expansive our pricing can't be beat. MeetUps, lectures, town hall meetings, live music, adult shakedowns, youth and adult DIY parties as well as craft or plated pop ups are all perfect at the Garage.

  • Live music
  • Presentations
  • Parties
  • Movies
  • Sporting Events
  • Digital Projector + 8' wide screen
  • Folding and rolling chairs
  • Dry bar
  • Display tables
  • Either open or enclosed feel
  • Multiple rolling tables
  • Crazy wood floors with 10' ceilings
  • Outlets everywhere
  • Decorate as you like