Join our Membership Community Today

Each membership is an investment, which has a ripple effect that goes beyond our small facility and community.  Our goal is to be there when you need us and help yourself and others live within a smaller footprint that can create a more joyful and independent lifestyle.

Our membership options range from community supporters, day passes and appointment only to 24/7 access hobbyists, DIY’rs and small business owners.  In addition to membership space and tool access, you may customize a shop, project or storage area within the Garage.  This allows you to access the community facility, tables and tools, while designing your own private space.  Members may purchase additional services or community space access based upon their project or business needs.

All Memberships Include:
  • WIFI and Lounge access
  • Hot desk and table access
  • Garage Repair Center access

Community Membership

Monthly $ 50
Jewelry Day Access $20
20% Off Jewelry 5 Day Access $ 80
Full Shop Day Access $ 30
20% Off Full Shop 5 Day Access $ 120

Appointment based access to your new Garage with only a six month auto or prepayment required. 

Includes everything above as well as:
  • 3 Appointments a month
  • $1 per sq ft storage
  • Discounts on shops and classes
  • Discounts on events and venue rental
  • Garage Repair Center
  • Photography Equipment
  • Private Garage events
  • Coop and CSA Management
  • Limited Tool and Things Library*

Creative and Co-working Membership

Daily $ 15*
20% Off Creative and Co-working 5 Day Pass $ 60*
Monthly $ 150*
Includes everything above as well as:
  • 24/7 facility access
  • Kitchenette Access
  • Eligible for space
  • Eligible for business areas and services
  • Limited parking

Jewelry Membership

Daily $ 20*
20% Off Jewelry 5 Day Pass $ 90*
Monthly $ 150*
Includes everything above as well as:
  • Access to Community Jewelry Studio
  • Eligible for Private Studio Space
  • Jewelry Studio Influence

Full Shop Membership

Full Shop Day Pass $ 40*
20% Off Full Shop 5 Day Pass $ 150*
Monthly $ 200*
Includes everything above as well as:
  • Wood and Metal shops
  • Free short term project storage
  • Project waste management
  • Community equipment investments
  • Community consumed supplies

Jewelry Reserved Space

Large Studio Shelf (5' x 2') $20
25 sq ft + Bench $ 60
25 sq ft + Large Shelving Unit $ 90

Wood and Creative Space

Large Shelf $ 20
~33% Off Recruiting Special (40 - 50 sq ft) $ 50
Small (~100 sq ft) $ 150
Medium (~150 sq ft) $225
Large (~225 sq ft) $ 450
Anchor Tenant (~300 sq ft) $ 675

900 sq ft Metal Shop Space

Large Shelving Unit + Small Cart/Welder $ 50
Vertical Metal Bay $ 20
15 sq ft Wall Area $ 100
100 sq ft Corner + 4 x 4 work table $ 400

Member Storage

Basement storage per square foot $1

Our 5,600 sq ft centrally located and fully sprinklered facility makes it easy to use your membership.  Drop off.  Pick up.  Connect.  Learn something new.  Fix something old. 

Storage Includes:

  • Membership access based upon category
  • Freight elevator, pallets and pallet jack available
  • Secured cages optional
  • Perfect for boats, bikes and other bulky items

Small Business Monthly Additions

Small Business Package $ 50

The Garage provides collaborative support, exposure, active referrals, gallery representation, business registration and receiving, meeting and event space as well as full suite of business infrastructure.

Small Business Package Services Include:

  • Professional environment
  • Professional equipment expectations
  • Website exposure
  • Social media support
  • Business registration and receiving

*Application Processing Fees

Day Membership $ 30
Community Member Application Processing $40
  • One time paperwork processing fees
  • Must prove competent on tools to be used and includes orientation on relevant tools, waste stream, etc...
  • Additional tool orientation and/or classes may be required prior to tool access
  • Application processing fees waived for those signing contracts longer than three months